Quantity theory favorably reconsidered : a comment, the Público Deposited

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  • 219
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  • 1982-10
  • This paper comments on "The Real Bills Doctrine vs. the Quantity-Theory: a Reconsideration" by T. Sargent and N. Wallace. It argues that there exists a class of models similar to theirs that is (a) favorable to the quantity theory view of price stability, (b) supports the imposition of 100 percent reserve requirements, and (c) explains a long history of legal credit restrictions. In particular, lending restrictions stabilize price levels and result in Pareto improvements.

Subject (JEL) Palavra-chave Alternative title
  • The quantity theory favorably reconsidered : II / Bruce Smith.
  • The real bills doctrine vs. the quantity-theory : a reconsideration / Thomas Sargent, Neil Wallace.
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  • 03/15/2018
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. Research Division.
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